Critique of School Inc. Illustrates Why Airing It Is Right, and why Cranky Diane Ravitch is Wrong

Stalwart public schooling defender Diane Ravitch does not like what she saw in School Inc., a three-part documentary series created by former Cato education analyst Andrew Coulson. Of course, she is welcome to disagree with it. But her main complaint—that PBS dared show the documentary in the first place—is concerning from a public debate perspective, while her more substantive critiques of School Inc. illustrate precisely why we need to let all voices engage in debates, not just those with whom we agree.

Source: Critique of School Inc. Illustrates Why Airing It Is Right | Cato @ Liberty


Ex-N.J. congressman: Why I support Betsy DeVos and school choice

Dick Zimmer, a former New Jersey Republican congressman, writes that DeVos’ main opposition comes from local and national teachers’ unions who are against school vouchers. Zimmer supports school choice.

Source: Ex-N.J. congressman: Why I support Betsy DeVos and school choice | Opinion |

How School Choice Turns Education Into a Commodity

We are the beneficiaries of start-ups, ventures, and innovation in every other area of life, but we don’t have that in education because it’s a closed system, a closed industry, a closed market. It’s a monopoly, a dead end. And the best and brightest innovators and risk-takers steer way clear of it. As long as education remains a closed system, we will never see the education equivalents of Google, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, Wikipedia, or Uber. We won’t see any real innovation that benefits more than a handful of students.

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Source: School Choice, Neoliberalism Hurt Public Goods and Education – The Atlantic