Ohio’s Department of Education to Send Back One-Third of Federal Charter School Funding

What’s wrong with Ohio?  Why in the world would the State’s Department of Education return millions of federal dollars that are intended to help charter schools open in the state.  Are education officials in Ohio so shortsighted?

The state is sending back almost a third of a $71 million federal grant for charter school expansion.

In a letter to the federal Charter Schools Program, the Ohio Department of Education says it’ll use only $49 million of the $71 million grant.

Source: ODE to Send Back One-Third of Charter School Grant | WKSU


NYC GOP mayoral hopeful plans education overhaul if elected

New York City GOP mayoral candidate Paul Massey is unveiling an education plan that would champion school choice and bring back some Bloomberg-era policies — including reinstating A-to-F report cards to grade public schools.  The Massey plan calls for lifting the cap on charter schools and providing charters equal funding with traditional public schools.

Source: GOP mayoral hopeful plans education overhaul if elected | New York Post

The School Choice Debate: Charters, Vouchers and Evidence

The case for charter schools is often made by showcasing charter schools that are doing a good job of meeting the needs of low-income, minority students—usually in urban districts.  Opponents often respond by pointing to regular public schools whose performance is no less impressive.  There are, of course, good schools of both types, but that fact does not have much bearing on the debate as to whether the expansion of charter schools is good public policy.

Source: The School Choice Debate: Charters, Vouchers and Evidence | The Huffington Post

Alert: Help the Illinois Network of Charter Schools Stop the Attack on Charter Public Schools!

Illinois State Representatives Welch and Guzzardi, have launched an attack on Charter Public Schools and we need your help to stop it.  HB3567 as amended would deny any school district that the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) places on “financial watch” or “financial early warning” status from opening a charter public school. However, many of the school districts impacted by this bill have test scores and graduation rates lower than the state average.  Don’t let Rep. Guzzardi (D-Chicago) dictate which schools your family and neighborhoods can consider.

Next, HB768 would end the primary function of the Illinois State Charter Commission.  The Commission is the only route of appeal communities and education advocates have if a school district negligently denies a charter application or wrongly closes a charter public school. Charter public schools started in Illinois in 1996 to provide communities with high-quality public school options because for decades the traditional public school system had not adequately served all students.

Source: Help Us Stop the Attack on Charter Public Schools!

Is Madison Wisconsin’s ‘Charter Czar’ over-regulating charter schools?

Bennett also said he would consider pitches for Madison charter schools only by nonprofit entities — calling “the culture” here closed to for-profit entities.

The very soonest Madison residents could see an independent charter school open its doors in the city is fall 2018 — a year later than state officials first planned. That’s not foot-dragging, it’s prudence, according to Gary Bennett, who was hired last April to run the new Office of Educational Opportunity. Through that office, created by Republican state lawmakers in 2015, Bennett has the power to bypass local school boards in Madison and Milwaukee and authorize independent charters there. Work has been held up in part as state “charter czar” Gary Bennett shepherds through a drug recovery school favored by GOP lawmakers. He described charters as “incubators of innovative things” that he said are more difficult to do initially within school districts, but that ideally should be absorbed back into them eventually.  g_bennett_0


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Why the Detroit school district needs a watchdog group

It has been three months since a newly elected Detroit school board began running the city’s public school system after a decade of state mismanagement. And to say that things are still chaotic is an understatement…. Detroit’s African-American fourth-graders have the lowest reading performance in the country.

Source: Why the Detroit school district needs a watchdog group

When It Comes To Charter Schools, Kentucky Is Doing It Wrong, Thanks to Influence from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

By Jeanne Allen for the Huffington Post

Who would attempt to create a new school knowing that they have no guarantee of funding?

The first charter school law in America was enacted in 1991 in Minnesota. A quarter of a century later, there are nearly three million students attending more than 7,000 charter schools in 43 states and the District of Columbia.  But there’s a right way and a wrong way for a state to join the charter school movement. And despite the prevailing winds, Kentucky appears to be about to do it the wrong way.

Source: When It Comes To Charter Schools, Kentucky Is Doing It Wrong | The Huffington Post