Democrats For Education Reform? That’s An Oxymoron

Shavar Jeffries
Shavar Jeffries

Democrats for Education Reform’s president, Shavar Jeffries, is fighting an uphill battle in trying to convince democrats to support charters and choice.  Now that Barack Obama is no longer on the Oval, DFER and other similar groups are out in the open with their hostility toward President Trump’s education choice agenda.  “I’ve heard from some folks that DFER is opposed to [U.S. Secretary of Education] DeVos or opposed to certain types of policies because we’re Democrats,” said Jeffries.  “We’re like, no we’re opposed to this because we love children.”

In this new era of partisan politics, we’re to believe that only Democrats love children!

Source: Head of Democrats For Education Reform blasts DeVos, calls push for vouchers a ‘sideshow’ | Chalkbeat


School choice will lift up black community

We know that far too many black children are sitting in classrooms where they are not learning. We know their schools have fewer resources. We know their teachers, on average, are less qualified. We know expectations for these children are set lower than the expectations for students in more affluent suburban schools.

Source: School choice will lift up black community

Good news. Trump’s Education Budget Feeds School Privatization Efforts

The vision of “education reform” coming from the Trump administration and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos entails cutting direct aid to students, especially those from low-income families, in order to expand the private sector’s financial footprint in education.

Source: Trump’s Education Budget Feeds School Privatization At The Expense of Students | By Jeff Bryant | Common Dreams

Major changes could come to L.A. schools after charter school movement’s big win

Supporters of charter schools appeared to win control of the Los Angeles school board Tuesday, a watershed moment with huge implications for how students are taught in America’s second-largest school district.The charter school movement has long been a major force in Los Angeles school circles. But the victory Tuesday night by pro-charter forces — who dramatically outspent rivals in what was the most expensive election in school board history — gives them the opportunity to reshape the district.

Source: Major changes could come to L.A. schools after charter school movement’s big win – LA Times

The Progressive Bias Against Charter Schools

Opposition to charter schools is to the left what climate change denial is to the right, a fortress of unreason that shields ideology from contrary evidence.  Everywhere, including in Massachusetts, home to some of the nation’s best charters, anti-charter zealots always, always have a “yes, but –” response for every study suggesting disadvantaged students benefit from these schools.

Source: Open Schools, Closed Minds: The Progressive Bias Against Charter Schools | Cognoscenti

New AP Poll Shows Majority of Americans Open to Expanding Nation’s Charter Schools

While 55 percent of those surveyed say parents in their communities had enough school options, roughly 4 in 10 feel “the country in general would benefit from more choice,” The AP reported.  Asked about the expansion of public charter schools, 47 percent said they were in favor of more charters and 30 percent said they felt neutral about it. Twenty-three percent, meanwhile, expressed opposition.

Source: New AP Poll Shows Majority of Americans Open to Expanding Nation’s Charter Schools | The 74

Charter schools are top schools

For more than two decades, Michigan’s charter schools have been quietly delivering some very exciting results. Student growth and achievement, program innovation and vital connections made with traditionally underserved populations have helped breathe new life into the state’s K-12 landscape.

Source: Column: Charter schools are top schools