Illinois House votes to strip charter school commission of appeals authority

Legislation passed today in Illinois that would effectively give exclusive charter granting authority to local school districts, thus putting the future of the charter school movement in Illinois at-risk, right under the nose of the Chicago-based National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA).

Legislation that would effectively strip the Illinois State Charter School Commission of its authority passed the state House on Wednesday after falling several votes short on Tuesday. The commission was created in 2011 by near unanimous approval of the General Assembly to oversee the appeals process when a local school district rejects a charter school application.

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California bill that critics say could cripple charter schools back in the spotlight

SB 808 is one of three pieces of anti-charter legislation championed by the state’s largest teacher’s union, the California Teachers Association. The bill limits the ability of charter schools to open new campuses or renew existing agreements by requiring them to seek approvals to operate from local school districts only. The bill would also greatly limit the appeals process if a district turns down a charter.

Source: California bill that critics say could cripple charter schools back in the spotlight | EdSource

Alert: Help the Illinois Network of Charter Schools Stop the Attack on Charter Public Schools!

Illinois State Representatives Welch and Guzzardi, have launched an attack on Charter Public Schools and we need your help to stop it.  HB3567 as amended would deny any school district that the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) places on “financial watch” or “financial early warning” status from opening a charter public school. However, many of the school districts impacted by this bill have test scores and graduation rates lower than the state average.  Don’t let Rep. Guzzardi (D-Chicago) dictate which schools your family and neighborhoods can consider.

Next, HB768 would end the primary function of the Illinois State Charter Commission.  The Commission is the only route of appeal communities and education advocates have if a school district negligently denies a charter application or wrongly closes a charter public school. Charter public schools started in Illinois in 1996 to provide communities with high-quality public school options because for decades the traditional public school system had not adequately served all students.

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