Ohio’s Department of Education to Send Back One-Third of Federal Charter School Funding

What’s wrong with Ohio?  Why in the world would the State’s Department of Education return millions of federal dollars that are intended to help charter schools open in the state.  Are education officials in Ohio so shortsighted?

The state is sending back almost a third of a $71 million federal grant for charter school expansion.

In a letter to the federal Charter Schools Program, the Ohio Department of Education says it’ll use only $49 million of the $71 million grant.

Source: ODE to Send Back One-Third of Charter School Grant | WKSU


So Far, State Education Plans Don’t Include Expanded School Choice | US News

As states begin delivering their proposed school accountability plans to the Department of Education – so far, 10 in total – most seem to be shirking Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ suggestion that they include policies to expand school choice.

Only three of the 10 plans submitted thus far include language aimed at addressing school choice – New Mexico, Tennessee and Washington, D.C. – and none propose anything new related to choice, opting instead to highlight policies already in place.


Meet the 9 New Staffers Tapped to Fill Key Roles In Secretary Betsy DeVos’ Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education announced nine new hires Wednesday evening, including chief of staff to Secretary Betsy DeVos. None of the staffers, many of whom worked in the department during the George W. Bush administration, require Senate confirmation.
Fourteen senior positions that do require hearings are still open. Carlos Muñiz has been nominated to fill one of them, general counsel. Three of the new hires will also serve in an acting capacity for some of these top posts, though they have not been formally nominated.

Source: Meet the 9 New Staffers Tapped to Fill Key Roles In Secretary Betsy DeVos’ Department of Education | The 74