Catasauqua Area eyes strategy to keep students from going to charter schools – competition works

Competition is a great motivator and catalyst for improvement. The Catasaqua Schools Superintendent told his school board that “he wants to reach out to parents to find out what kinds of programs they would like to see to keep their children enrolled in the district and away from charter schools.” Hopefully this effort to reduce the loss of students and the dollars that follow them to charters will spur the district to look for ways to satisfy its customers. It would do well to start with improving student performance.


Charter schools compared to the “plague” in protest against KIPP charter school in East LA

In the quarter-century since the first charter school was established in Minnesota to present-day East Los Angeles, we have heard many fanciful and extraordinary hyperbole directed at charter schools. But comparing charters to the play ranks as a doozy. In a protest against a proposed KIPP school, organizers found some parents they were obviously able to easily fool into believing that their propaganda. It really is sad how far opponents of charters will go in their rhetoric in order to stop any competition, even when the local district schools fail to educate so many kids.

New $35 million Atlantis Charter School celebrates construction milestone

An anti-charter group releases report saying charter schools are expanding where they aren’t needed, especially in Los Angeles

In a not-so-surprising move, a group of labor and progressive activists released a report that claims “charter schools in California are proliferating where they aren’t needed while funding continues to support even those charters that violate state law.”  To call this propaganda a “report” is a significant stretch.

Source: Charter schools are expanding where they aren’t needed — especially in Los Angeles, new report says – LA Times