Wanted: A governor who’s smart about charter schools



Charting the Future of Charter Schools


Alabama charter school commission overturns Birmingham charter denial – Off to a good start

Birmingham City Schools’ Cedric Tatum represented the Birmingham board on the Commission and was the lone no vote against overturning the denial.

Source: Alabama charter school commission overturns Birmingham charter denial | AL.com

One on one interview with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos


Kucinich emerges in Ohio to criticize charter school operators

Former congressman Kucinich is misguided in his criticism of charter public schools. As usual, he’s got plenty to say when it comes to school choice, but is strangely silent in ignoring the many examples of failure within government-run schools that have caused thousands of families to escape to charters in the first place.


Liberate the education system from the interfering hand of the state


Princeton NJ School district throws Charter School under the bus

The Princeton School Board is blaming the Princeton Charter School for why school taxes will go up by more than 4 percent this year.