USCharterSchools.com is an independent advocate for educational choice and for quality charter schools.  We believe charter public schools serve a vital role in offering parents  access to option within public education.  We believe that parents must be viewed as consumers of education, and through the act of choosing a school that best fits their child’s needs, all public schools will benefit through this competition spurred by choice.

We will not be shy in our advocacy for the expansion of charter schools and for exposing the hypocrisy of the defenders of the status quo (especially since many of these people send their own kids to private schools or live in good school districts).

Our role at USCharterSchools.com is to provide information and clear analysis about charters.

We are independent and not beholden to philanthropic foundations that heavily influence others through pulling grant strings.

This site intends to be a forceful voice for charters schools and for choice in education.  A good education is essential for the fulfillment of one’s human potential and an educated citizenry is absolutely essential for the nation’s competitiveness and security.

1_Primary_logo_on_transparent copyWhy the Bee as a symbol?  Like charter schools, there are many types of bees, 20,000 different species to be precise. With approximately 7,000 charter schools currently operating in the US, each school is unique.  Bees, like charters, are vital for our ecosystem.

Under peaceful conditions, the bee focuses its energy on producing honey.  But when threatened, the bee will fight ferociously in defense of its colony.  We see the bee much like charter schools – producers of a sweet outcome/product.

USCharterSchools.com intends to produce honey in the form of useful and timely information and analysis, and also deliver stings when charters are attacked or provoked.

We chose the bee as our site’s symbol, not just because of the obvious metaphor with charter schools, but also because it’s so darn cute too.