Charter schools are top schools

For more than two decades, Michigan’s charter schools have been quietly delivering some very exciting results. Student growth and achievement, program innovation and vital connections made with traditionally underserved populations have helped breathe new life into the state’s K-12 landscape.

Source: Column: Charter schools are top schools


4 thoughts on “Charter schools are top schools”

  1. Thought I would add: Diane Ravitch referrenced Thomas B. Timar of the University of California who wrote: “Yet the gap is the syptom of larger social, economic and political problems that go far beyond the reach of the school.” Actually Ms. Ravitch presents evidence that students are improving in all ethnicities in public schools. They are not failing this is untrue. There is, however, still a gap. This as I have stated above is beyond the control of the schools. If you want to do something to improve public schools forget charter schools and work of desegregation and eliminating poverty.


    1. There are indeed many very good traditional public schools. No one is disputing that to the best of my knowledge. Unfortunately, there are also many failing public schools and rolling between 5 and 7 million students, many of whom are minority and low income. We need more charters just like we need more school choice in general.


      1. Failing public schools is a hoax brought about by propaganda perpetrated by corporate entrepreneurs who stand to make billions convincing the public of this failure. See Diane Ravitch’s book “The Reign of Error.”


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