What’s Next for This Darling of Charter School Funders?

Success Academy, the 2017 winner of the Broad Prize for Charter Schools, plans to step up its college readiness programs, roll out a digital platform to share its curriculum and pedagogy, and expand its network even further.

For the first time, a D.C. charter school has voted to create a teachers union

Teachers and staff at a D.C. charter school voted Thursday to unionize, the first time a charter in the District has taken such a step.

Critique of School Inc. Illustrates Why Airing It Is Right, and why Cranky Diane Ravitch is Wrong

Stalwart public schooling defender Diane Ravitch does not like what she saw in School Inc., a three-part documentary series created by former Cato education analyst Andrew Coulson. Of course, she is welcome to disagree with it. But her main complaint—that PBS dared show the documentary in the first place—is concerning from a public debate perspective, while her more substantive critiques of School Inc. illustrate precisely why we need to let all voices engage in debates, not just those with whom we agree.

Source: Critique of School Inc. Illustrates Why Airing It Is Right | Cato @ Liberty

Beyond the test score horse race: 5 big questions researchers are asking about charter schools

The latest big charter school study was sweeping in scope, looking at thousands of students in 26 states across three school years.

But the study (and lots of other research on charter schools) uses that data to answer a relatively narrow question: How do students, usually in grades 4-8, perform on math and reading tests compared to students in traditional public schools?

This could be called the “test score horse race.” Some researchers are moving beyond that, to try to understand issues like what specific charter approaches are most effective and how charter schools affect larger communities.

Source: Beyond the test score horse race: 5 big questions researchers are asking about charter schools | Chalkbeat

DeVos: More funding does not necessarily boost school performance


Wanted: A governor who’s smart about charter schools


Democrats For Education Reform? That’s An Oxymoron

Shavar Jeffries

Shavar Jeffries

Democrats for Education Reform’s president, Shavar Jeffries, is fighting an uphill battle in trying to convince democrats to support charters and choice.  Now that Barack Obama is no longer on the Oval, DFER and other similar groups are out in the open with their hostility toward President Trump’s education choice agenda.  “I’ve heard from some folks that DFER is opposed to [U.S. Secretary of Education] DeVos or opposed to certain types of policies because we’re Democrats,” said Jeffries.  “We’re like, no we’re opposed to this because we love children.”

In this new era of partisan politics, we’re to believe that only Democrats love children!

Source: Head of Democrats For Education Reform blasts DeVos, calls push for vouchers a ‘sideshow’ | Chalkbeat

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